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My name is from my great grandmother and was hugely popular in the 1900s-1910s among families. I hear Flossie is making a comeback as a unique old-fashioned name, and we will see. I am blessed with a large family of boisterous, wacky people that love as big as they are loud. I am a homeschooling momma of four awesome boys and one sweet baby lady. Yep, I’m busy! You can find us spending family time camping, exploring our local park, or enjoying lots of laughs over a good meal. In the chaos of jumping boys and glittery bows, I love quiet time with a good book and a hot cup of something yummy. My husband of thirteen years and I have traveled to a few countries and plan to do many more adventures in the near future. Along with a BFA in photography, I minored in sociology. I find people and their stories fascinating. Story telling through photography and interesting wall art is a passion.

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